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GP-1 Part II

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Model: SNES

Updated: 2013-06-30

Version: 1.0

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Language: ENGLISH


GP-1: Part II (known in Japan as GP-1 RS: Rapid Stream) is a motorcycle racing game developed by Genki and published by Atlus for the SNES, which was released in 1994. It is a sequel to GP-1.

GP-1 requires a certain ability to control the motorcycle, where the first-timers will feel much difficulty in making turns without leaving the track.

Both versions are the same, with few changes between the Japanese and the American version, the biggest difference occurred between the two was that in the GP-1 RS, the game was saved by a battery included inside the cartridge, while in the American version the game was saved or continued on the basis password to allow players to pick up and play at their leisure.

The game features three game modes: "GP Race" which is present along with a "Practice" and "Race" mode, "Time Attack" which is the famous race against the clock, where the player runs into any circuit in search of the best time, and finally "Vs Battle" allows two players to duke it out head-to-head on the track of their choice. However the race will be only between player one against player two, it couldn't be played in the championship or against the CPU.

In compensation GP Race mode is a kind of career/season mode, where you will fight bravely to earn a place on the podium. It begins with a qualifying round in Japan, consisting of 4 local tracks, and in case you go well in them, you will qualify for the real GP-1 World Championship. Here there is another difference between the two versions, the American has no such qualifying round in Japan, it goes straight to the world championship. At the japanese qualifying round there are only available three motorcycles, after succeeding in the qualifying another three new motorcycles will be available.

In the world championship, you will race against racers from around the world in 13 tracks spread across all corners. Rival racers will intimidate and challenge the player to bet a few bucks to see who arrives before the race, but you can choose not to bet. The extra money you earned from rivals or as a reward of winning races and earn points can be used to upgrade the motorcycle. Earning enough points will let the player obtain better parts for their bike.

A funny part of the game is when a fan asks you for an autograph on her white shirt, but then you can also choose whether or not to give her the autograph.

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