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Model: MD

Updated: 2013-06-30

Version: 1.0

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Language: ENGLISH


Trouble Shooter is a scrolling shooter by Vic Tokai for the Sega Mega Drive in 1992. Players take on the role of Madison, a combat operative assigned to rescue a prince who has been taken hostage. The game was given a very distinct theme of self-parody between the enemies, story and dialogue.

Players assumed control over Madison who was accompanied at all times by her partner Crystal; unlike Madison, Crystal could flip firing positions allowing her to fire behind Madison. Also, Crystal was invulnerable to all enemy fire; Crystal would only be affected if Madison died. At the beginning of almost every stage, the players had to choose a Special Weapon they could use during combat. After every use however, the weapon would have to recharge in order to be used again.

Players could select from four different power-ups consisting of the usual shooter icons (speed-ups, life-ups, firepower and speed-downs). The player could stock up on Madison’s hit points by collecting life-up icons. This was necessary as the game had no lives system and only offered the player three continues.

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