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Category: New Games

Model: GBA

Updated: 2013-06-30

Version: 1.0

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Language: ENGLISH


Zoids Saga II was released in several English-speaking nations, under the title of Zoids: Legacy. There were no changes to the gameplay, but the entire game was translated from Japanese to English. This translation is mostly inaccurate, incorrect most of the time and nonsensical at others, with numerous spelling and grammar errors. It is cited as one of the major problems of the English-language release.

For example, while many of the characters use their Western names, there are several such as Ballad (Brad Hunter) and Jimmy (Jamie) that use simple romanizations of their Japanese names. Likewise, the Zoids are inconsistently named with some American names (Zaber Fang for the Sabre Tiger and Beserk Fury for Berserk F├╝hrer) and some Japanese ones (like Wardick and Stealth Viper). Finally, and rather inexplicably, the Marder was referred to as Hellrunner, its OER name.

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