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King Arthur & The Knights of Justice (U)

Category: Action

Model: SNES

Updated: 2013-06-30

Version: 1.0

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Language: ENGLISH


King Arthur & the Knights of Justice is an action-adventure game developed by Manley & Associates and published by Enix for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in May 1995. Based on the cartoon series of the same name, which was loosely inspired by the Arthurian legend, the game was released in North America exclusively.

The player takes on the role of a team of American football players who are transported to Medieval England and given the mission to save King Arthur from the sorceress Morgana. The game was the first Enix title developed by an American company, and was inspired by The Legend of Zelda series and various written works. It was received with reviews ranging from mediocre to extremely poor.

The characters' meters are shown at the top of the screen. Here, Arthur and the Knights are at the center and bottom of the screen

The game is a standard action-adventure game, played from a top-down perspective. The player takes on the role of Arthur King and is accompanied by two Knights of Justice controlled by the game console. The player battles enemies using a regular sword swing or a special attack, and can block high and low attacks. Twelve Knights are available from the start (including Arthur King), each with his own weapon, personality and statistics for life force, defense, strength and speed. Each boss of the game has a specific weakness against one of the Knights. Changing party members is done by visiting the Round Table room in Camelot.

Each character has a life meter, and Arthur also has a power meter. Various items must be collected to complete quests and objectives, while some can be used to restore a character's life meter. An overworld map feature allows the player to directly access locations already visited once. The game has no saving feature but allows accessing various points of the storyline with a system of passwords.

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