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Category: Platformers

Model: SNES

Updated: 2013-06-30

Version: 1.0

Size: 2757 KB

Language: ENGLISH


ACME Animation Factory is an educational art and graphics video game released by Sunsoft on November of 1994 exclusively for the Super Nintendo.

In order to become the next Steven Spielberg, players must learn how to appreciate the fine art of coloring in animation frames.

In ACME Animation Factory, the player is given a series of tools to create his or her own animated cartoons, using the most famous characters of Looney Tunes, including graphics, animation and music. When the cartoon has been created, it can be saved and later replayed. Other games like Solitaire and Mix 'n' Match (a variation of the childhood card game Concentration) are available for those who don't have artistic talents.

The video game is basically a watered down version of Mario Paint featuring the venerable Looney Tunes license. There are only 18 pre-drawn animation clips to paint and a counter-intuitive interface with the SNES Mouse makes this game an ordeal for its target audience of children.

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