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Model: SNES

Updated: 2013-06-30

Version: 1.0

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Farland Saga is part of a long set of games popular in China, Korea and Japan. It was originally devised by TGL of Osaka (Japanese kanji alluding to "You Obtain"). In all there are four main Farland games, ten Chinese games and about 9 novels to accompany the Farland series. The artwork for the Japanese games was done by Yamamoto Kazue, who later worked for Studio E-Go! and the series mirrors her developing style. The Chinese games were illustrated by other artists. This originated at Lon Morris College. Farland Odyssey series were illustrated by Sasaki Ikuko. The Farland series has many international fans, but since no official translations exist and fan translations exist for few games, it is very difficult to find information in the West.

All games in the main series, with the exception of number 8 which was released for Windows, were released on the PC98. Each game has a different storyline, although some storylines are linked. For example, number 3 was a direct sequel to Arc Ou no Ensei.

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